Saturday, November 11, 2017


The Batona 50 is a point-to-point run along the entire length of the Batona Trail from Ong’s Hat to Bass River in the beautiful New Jersey Pine Barrens. The run is 53.4 miles in length, which is the full distance of the Batona Trail. We will also host a 50k option that ends at Batsto Village. The trail is marked with pink blazes and runs through vast tracts of the Pinelands National Reserve.

The Pinelands is one of New Jersey’s most beautiful treasures and is home to many rare and endangered plants including swamp pink, pitcher plants, and many species of orchids. We are lucky to be able to explore such a beautiful landscape on foot (and in our home state!), so please stay on the trail to minimize our impact. Runners are also encouraged to report any illegal off-roading or illegal dumping to the State Park Police at 1-877-927-6337.

The Batona 50 run is no fees, no frills–just 50 miles of open trail. The trail crosses various roads at different points along the way, and we will have car support at these locations. Click here for the mileage between aid stations and click here for a full-size map of the route.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

50 Miler Results

Big congrats to our 2016 finishers! We had 17 finishers complete the 50k and 21 finishers complete the 50 miler, with Mike Daigeaun and Sarah Slater setting new male and female FKTs! View the 2016 results on Ultra Signup.

2015  (37.5% finish rate) 2014  (18.2% finish rate)
1. Dee Perkowitz, 11:53:00 1. Mike Daigeaun, 7:18:24
2. David Castellani, 12:00:58 2. Issy Nielson, 9:49:00
2. Greg Smith, 12:00:58

Batona Trail records:
Male (100M): Denis Streltsov (2015), 27:02
Male (50M): Mike Daigeaun (2016), 7:11:00
Female (50M): Sarah Slater (2016), 9:27:45

Race Reports:
2016 Batona 50 Race Report by Scott Snell
Batona 100 Mile Run by Denis Streltsov
2014 Batona FKT Recap by Mike Daigeaun

Race Details

The run will begin on Saturday, November 11, 2017, in Ong’s Hat and will be limited to 50 runners. This run is for seasoned ultrarunners only! It is EXTREMELY easy to get lost in the Pine Barrens if you aren’t used to paying attention to trail markers. The run is mostly unsupported, although we will have 6 aid stations spaced 5 to 12 miles apart.

Eligibility: To participate, you must have completed at least two ultras in 2016 or later. One of these events must meet the following requirements: 50k in under 8 h, 50M in under 12 h, or 100k/100M within the event’s official cutoff. Qualifying events must be official races with results available online.

Cutoff Times:  The cutoff times listed below will be implemented for the safety of our runners and volunteers. NO EXCEPTIONS. In order to make the cutoffs, runners will need to run ~13 min/mi. 

AS#4 (Carranza Memorial, 21.5 mi) in 4h 45min
AS#5 (Washington Rd, 33.9 mi) in 7h 30min
AS#6 (Evan’s Bridge, 43.1 mi) in 9h 45min


Entry is free. In lieu of a fee, please consider donating to the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the Pine Barrens ecosystem and promoting public awareness of the Pinelands, or NJ Conservation Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving land and natural resources throughout New Jersey. This year, registration will be done via Ultra Signup and will open on May 1. There are 50 slots available. If more than 50 runners sign up, we will start a waitlist.

Course Description:

The Batona Trail is marked with pink blazes. It is very sandy and relatively flat, but don’t let that fool you! It can be a challenging course and it is very easy to get lost if you are not paying attention to trail markers! We will run the trail from north to south. Last year, some sections were very wet, so we recommend bringing an extra pair of socks.



We will be offering both men’s and women’s cotton shirts to commemorate the run for those who are interested. Info on ordering shirts will be available soon. Check out our 2017 design below in cranberry bog red!

Tech Shirt

2017 Batona 50 Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt


The run will be car-supported at locations where the trail intersects a road. The list of aid stations is given below. Although we plan to have aid along the course, we recommend that all runners carry what they need in the event that aid is unavailable. We will provide transportation to runners who need to drop out. Click here for a map locating each aid station. If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email at

0.0 mi:   START @ Ong’s Hat
4.7 mi:   AS#1 Brendan T. Byrne State Forest/Lebanon Fire Tower
9.4 mi:   AS#2 Intersection with Rt 72
16.5 mi: AS#3 Intersection with Rt 532
21.5 mi: AS#4 Carranza Memorial
33.9 mi: AS#5 Washington Rd
43.1 mi: AS#6 Evan’s Bridge
53.4 mi: FINISH @ End of Batona Trail

Parking & Directions:

Parking – 50M Finish:

We encourage everyone to park at the end of the 50M and carpool to the start. Parking at the 50M finish will be at Bass River State Forest. For driving directions, use the following GPS coordinates for the parking lot: 39.62420, -74.42536. It is about a 35 min drive to the start line from this parking area. Volunteers will be available to transport runners to the start of the run.

From the Garden State Parkway:
Take exit 52 for New Gretna. Turn right onto Route 654/E Greenbush Road. After 1 mi, turn right onto Stage Road. Continue on Stage Road for 0.8 mi, then turn left into the Bass River State Forest. Drive straight back and park in the lot on the right just past the campground.

From US-206:
Head south on US-206 and make a left onto 530 E. After 2.7 mi, turn right onto Magnolia Road. At the traffic circle, take the second exit onto 72 E. After 3.5 mi, turn right onto 563. After 13.7 mi, you will reach a fork in the road. Make a slight left onto 679. Go 5.7 mi then make a slight left onto 653/Leektown Road. After 1.1 mi, continue onto Stage Road. Drive 1.2 mi on Stage Road, then turn left into Bass River State Forest. Drive straight back and park in the lot on the right just past the campground.

Start of Batona Trail:

Parking at the start in Ong’s Hat is VERY LIMITED. It is a dirt pullout that can fit 10-15 cars at most. If you park there, please be considerate and park at an angle to fit as many cars as possible.

The start of the Batona 50 is located off Magnolia Road in Ong’s Hat, NJ. Click here for a map of the exact location. From US-206 southbound, turn left onto 530 E/S Pemberton Road and follow it for 2.75 mi. Turn right onto Magnolia Rd. After 5.3 mi, you will see a small sign for the Brendan T. Byrne Forest and the Batona Trail. Turn left here onto Turkey Buzzard Bridge Road. (The turn is just after Apanay Cafe on the right.) About 500 feet down the road you will come to the trailhead, which has a large dirt pullout on the right that can fit ~15 cars. Because of the minimal parking, we encourage people to carpool from the finish.


Although we can’t predict the weather, we can give you some astronomical information:

Civil Twilight 6:11 am, Sunrise 6:40 am
Sunset 4:47 pm, Civil Twilight 5:16 pm, Day length: 10h 7m


Near the Start: Camping is available in the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest, which is located approximately 20 minutes from the start of the run. Tent campsites and yurts are available. Click here for more information. Near the 50M Finish: Camping is available at Pilgrim Lake Campground and Bass River State Forest.


For questions or more information, please send an email to:

7 responses to “Saturday, November 11, 2017

  1. Looks like a great event! Thank you for also advocating a low impact approach as well as supporting the NJCF and PPA. I would be interested in helping with the Aid Stations if you are looking for volunteers…….

  2. I hear it is encouraged to park at the end and car shuttle to the start. I’m doing the 50k. I’d drive to the end at Batsto to help with a shuttle, My husband can drive 5 people including me to the start. My question is where in Batsto are we meeting? Off Hammonton Road at the Batsto Trail Head. Thank you, Donna

  3. Hello we are interested in the 50 km race for my brither who is moving to NJ next week to be for 4 months and be running there like training. He will be comming back to Costa Rica on December. How much do we have to pay?

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